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Angular JS

AnuglarJS, the ‘heroic’ JavaScript based web framework, has become a preferable choice in forte of frontend development. Primary reason for this is its ability to extend HTML’s capability by increasing the scope of its vocabulary to define a website’s dynamic features. The overall result is a stylish, expressive, and smartly developed dynamic website with enhanced user engagement and an immersive experience.

Further augmenting Angular’s popularity is its powerful toolset that enables developers to build customised apps and create designs that are specifically defined and built to suit a brand’s core requirements. With an extensible library that can fit nicely into other libraries, AngularJS has proved itself as a highly scalable, flexible, well-equipped framework which, when handled efficiently, can be moulded to develop a unique workflow based on an enterprise’s development prerequisites.


Customised AngularJS Development

Thanks to Angular’s robust development framework, it can be modified to address niche IT challenges of enterprises. iSB’s customised AngularJS development services allows enterprises to have fully-functional and strategically and uniquely built solutions. With our services, your enterprise can benefit from optimal utilisation of resources and avant-garde apps and systems at reduced costs.


API Integration and Backend Development

Angular’s beauty lies in its ability to not only cater to unique frontend solutions, but also to address backend issues. We offer top notch services in AngularJS API integration and backend development to ensure secured, seamless performance of your mobile and web apps.


Migration to AngularJS

Some enterprises started leveraging the online platform decades ago, but advancement of technology demands constant upgrades and static websites are way outdated. At iSB, we provide clients with state-of-art migration services in AngularJS that helps them to upgrade their legacy mobile and web apps to advanced versions in a hassle-free way and ensure that their apps keep performing flawlessly.

Expertise with Experience!

Angular permits developers to build apps faster and better with its rich library and multitude of features like legacy browser support and testability. But without the right team and appropriate services, you miss out on harnessing the true innovative potential of this platform with which you can get aesthetically neat front end and sturdy backend.

Team iSB is here to support your business by helping you to unleash Angular’s true potential and digitally transform your brand to expand its reach, increase its clientele and bring more traffic. With our AngularJS services, you will be able to give the much needed tech support to your virtual presence thereby spreading your brand’s value and significance globally.

To know how you can avail maximum benefits from the purposeful platform of AngularJS, talk to our tech consultants now.

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