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Application Services

Consumers are changing, Internet traffic is changing and so are applications and their building platforms. All in all, the whole cyber scenario is changing and in the face of this digital transformation arises the necessity of application services which can improve the speed and security of your applications thus making them steadier and enhancing their overall performance. Seamless support of application services can also thwart unforeseen problem like server outage or bots impersonating as users.

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How does iSageBrum Handle Application Services?

The team of iSageBrum has a unique approach of handling application services. We combine modern technologies with legacy systems of development to fine tune the accuracy and dynamism of your prized applications. Whether it is application management, performance monitoring, autoscaling or application acceleration, our experts make sure that right tools are put to use to upscale the product and prevent disruption in all possible ways.

What do we Offer?

To begin with, we provide all necessary fundamentals of application services. We guide our clients through necessary steps that can help their business to become more efficient and affluent. Be it management, maintenance, architecture or modernization of applications, we have got it all covered for you.


Application Modernization

Our modernization services enclose a wide array of activities that revamp, revive and rebuild your application and scale them based on your business requirements. Application review, re-platform, migration or recoding legacy applications – whatever you need, we are here to deliver.


Data Management

From the loads of data generated, we manage, analyse and filter the ones which add value and revenue to your company. Reinvented data can be used and executed to develop smart strategies for businesses, ones which are not based on speculations but are data driven and absolute.


Program, Project and Service Management

Application development is a vital process, but the post-development phases are elemental for its survival. We ease up the daunting task of project and service management for our clients with our all-round support system for their applications which also include optimization for ensuring flexibility and stability in performance.



Transform and landscape your IT operations with DevOps, the methodology that we apply to help our clients achieve increased efficiency. By automating and integrating necessary processes of the software development cycle, we deliver our clients with cutting-edge software in less time.



Arbitrary techniques lead to arbitrary designs and arbitrary designs lead to erroneous development. That’s why it’s important to have clearly-defined patterns, strategies and methodologies. In short, maintenance of a robust architecture is an absolute must for development of innovative applications. At iSB, we engage our best IT architects who guide you right from research and development to result and deployment, all to make certain that you get the best.


Agile Transformation

Get efficient, flexible applications with this classic development methodology. Agile software development and transformation is always going to be the chosen one especially when it comes to deploying a reliable development technique and one where clients get ample space for flexibility and scalability.

Why Our Application Services Stand Out?

Change in technologies is resulting in remodelling of modern enterprises, both in frontend and backend. This calls for a team that has the combination of skills, knowhow, hands-on experience and a practical approach to problems. We certainly have it all but apart from that, our application services stand out for the below reasons:

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