Challenging and changing the digital norms of Healthcare Industry


The outbreak of COVID 19 has sent the healthcare industry into a frenzy, but this sector was already widely diversified. Diets, medicines, supplements, treatments, not to forget compliance with government regulations and consumer satisfaction, all these factors have mandated the need to modernize the incorporated technologies in healthcare.

But simply modernizing IT services wouldn’t be enough to get your healthcare business going. The post-pandemic situation demands virtual health assistants, instant remedies for common health-problems and of course, health monitoring. In short, consumers are now looking forward to consequential application services and for that, a brand needs to connect with their consumers with incorporation of appropriate operating models, accurate data and meaningful output.

The most remarkable way to face this challenge is to throw together human intelligence with right technologies. iSB’s talented team of consultants, designers, developers and analysts put together their expertise and experience to provide you with healthcare IT services to make it more data-centric, user-centric and competent.


Business Intelligence with AI

iSB’s team combines the two crucial elements required to propel performance, and that is engaging business intelligence with AI. While we utilize state-of-the-art tools to augment your application’s performance with AI, we notch it up a level by empowering it with analytical functions. Our customised AI solutions will make it easier to keep a check on patient-generated data, conducting online surveys, gathering and analysis of survey reports, analysis of internal operations like availability of resources and updates on equipments and performance evaluation. With so many things already taken care of, your business will be able to give more time to what’s absolutely necessary, your customer’s wellbeing.

Customised App Solutions

Wearable technologies have carved their own discipline in both healthcare sector and tech world. More and more healthcare businesses are now looking forth to get customised apps for wearable technology especially because of people who suffer from common lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Having such customised app solutions (both wearable and smart devices) is certainly going to make it easy for you to reach out to your customers and let them know that you do care.

Operational Management and Monitoring

Procedures and operations are like two limbs of healthcare sector. Starting from a simple blood test to a complicated surgery, everything in the healthcare industry is managed and looked after through carefully documented procedures. But to make things easier, we offer you our operational management and monitoring services designed exclusively to deliver precise reports and draw accurate parameters used for monitoring inside operations.

Adaptation to and adoption of digital technologies are the emerging trends of the healthcare sector. Since the pandemic, healthcare technology has undergone disruption to emerge out with better, faster and more data-driven results. To make a mark in this sector, you will need to do more than simply follow the usual business processes, you need to connect your business with the human heart and make them feel like you’re always around, keeping an eye on them.

Our healthcare consultants take care of every aspect of IT-based services and solutions of your healthcare business. We understand that for striking a connection with your clients, you need to do more than simply deliver a joyful user experience. You need to render them a responsible user-experience.

Join us in the endeavour to make your healthcare business better by combining it with our IT services thus delivering your users an unforgettable encounter. Drop us an enquiry and let us know what exactly you are looking for.

Join us in the endeavour to make your healthcare business better by combining it with our IT services thus delivering your users an unforgettable encounter.

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