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Experience is everything in the travel industry and that experience begins the very moment a traveller starts planning his or her itinerary. Starting from searching for nice, affordable accommodations to completing the journey and leaving a feedback, every single thing matters. But to deliver such an experience, a travel business should tie all the loose ends which includ their online experience.

The whole scenario of the travel industry has undergone a radical change post pandemic. Whether you’re offering them a customised search or booking discounts, you need to ensure that users do not get stuck anywhere. That’s why iSB is here to sort out and streamline operations for your business to go big on your customers trust, experience and on your own journey of success.


Customised Solutions

The travel industry is on its recovery path and helping them in this endeavour is the robust support of IT infrastructure. iSB offers its prolific application development services for your travel business and provide you with customised solutions which will let you furnish a seamless surfing experience to your customers. Be it managing in-house operations or a system to manage retail details, we have a solution for everything.

Cloud-based Services

In the travel industry, customers’ data is no less than a treasure. Migrating your systems to a diligent cloud-based platform is not only going to help you be in the safe side but it is also going to keep you in your customers good books when you let them access their data from anywhere, anytime safely. iSB has a team of versatile veterans who can create niche, high-end solutions for your cloud-based requirements.

Data Intelligence Services

Embedding applications and services with data intelligence can act as the big cheese for any travel business since these predictions help a business to concoct and execute data-driven marketing strategies. With iSB’s data intelligence services which include AI and ML, you can empower your apps with powerful analytics. Search trends, preferred locations, price range and what not – it’s not just about practical data; intelligence analysis even enables you to perceive your customers’ sentiments.

The aftermath of COVID19 has left a sore impact on the global travel industry. Its recovery not only demands organizing and carrying out tangible plans, but also efficiently managing online processes as most of the travel itineraries are now being planned via web portals. Scaling heights in this industry will require an exclusive combination of creativity, pragmatic and digital innovation.

At iSB, we have a profound understanding of the typical requirements of this sector along with combination of all prerequisite factors which help us to serve our clients with pragmatic solutions designed specifically for their businesses. Our services add value to your brand and help you to make a comfortable journey back to growth by delivering travellers with remarkable, unforgettable experience.

Let’s begin our journey of rescaling and re-growth in the travel sector by joining forces. Contact us and tell us more about how you want us to help you.

Let’s begin our journey of rescaling & re-growth in the travel sector by joining forces. Contact us and tell us more about how you want us to help you.

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