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The IT terrain of the insurance sector is undergoing rapid changes under the cloud of web technologies. Property & Casualty Insurance (also known as P & C) is looking at large scale digital transformation with porting of almost every single operation to digital platforms. Insurance industry is now a region which runs on the amalgamation of human procedures and technology processes. While this whole sector is getting reinvented and is improvising on the way their processes are handled, enterprises are looking for trustworthy partners with whom they can team up to catalyze the digitally-driven innovations and put their brands at forefront.

When it comes to a trusted name in IT-based solutions and development, iSB definitely stands out. Our technically-ensemble team of experts and their years of know-how have propelled us towards technical advancements. Hence, you can certainly trust us to serve and deliver you the best. To avail maximum benefits of digital technology, we have sorted our services accordingly so that your enterprise can chart the technical map without any ambiguity and scale new heights.

Our services target the key functioning areas of the insurance sector thereby allowing enterprises to streamline the operations that are time-consuming and bring down overall productivity.


IT-based Solutions for Managing Core Functions

Tracking payment dates, managing customer information including claim management and settlement, reimbursements, insurance coverage – a multitude of operations is what keeps an insurance company going. But involving conventional methods to track them is only going to increase the heftiness. Our customized IT solutions help enterprises to supervise and handle these operations in the smoothest way and with maximum accuracy so our clients can focus more on customers.

Smart Analytics and Data-driven Solutions

Which are the services that your customers eye the most while visiting your website? How long do they spend on your app? Which insurance plans do they prefer? User data today has become crucial for designing and implementation of marketing strategies. In order to build smart and high-end data driven solutions, our developers work closely with our expert team of data analysts for we understand very well that every sector brings about its own unique set of customer data.

Architecture and Maintenance

Like we said, every sector has its own niche necessities. To get comprehensive, digitally innovative and user-centric solutions, the architecture must be properly planned along with maintenance of up and running operations. At iSB, we understand that addressing these problems is critical to ensure an enterprise’s effortless functioning and profitable growth. We offer maintenance of IT systems and their architecture to help you carry on your business in a care-free manner.

Our Services, Your Gain

Working with iSB’s proficient team will help you to make it to the forefront by furnishing you with:

Insurance sector is reimagining a whole new system of digitalized ventures. Partner with iSB’s prolific team of consultants and developers to insure your profitable growth in the insurance sector.

Partner with iSB’s prolific team of consultants and developers to insure your profitable growth in the insurance sector.

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