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iOS is to Apple devices but Android is to the rest of the mobile devices (almost). Android’s vastness and richness in technical features makes it a must-be-employed platform for customized applications. Its open-source nature enables end users (and developers as well) to give wings to their imaginations and build a customized Android application with all the features they want in it.

But if you’re searching for the right kind of team to partner up, then search no more as iSB is right here. Our Android app developers are saddled up with skills, experience and expertise that will transform your ideas into a fully functional application on the biggest mobile platform.

We employ the latest technical Android frameworks that enable apps to perform seamlessly over across plethora of devices including Android tablets, Android TVs and smart watches besides android phones. Here’s a quick tour of core technologies used by our efficient Android application developers.


Jetpack Compose 1.0

The latest native UI building toolkit that empowers developers to simplify UI development with less code and Kotlin APIs.


APK Analyzer

This powerful analyzing native Android tool allows developers to debug issues faster and get useful insights after the developer is done with the application.


Android Studio Arctic Fox

The latest official Android IDE with a bunch of power-packed features that concentrate on design, development ease and of course, productivity.


Android Emulator

Simulation of applications can consume a lot of time but our developers use Android Emulator to check scalability of Android apps across different devices that cut down run-time and crosscheck the capabilities of the application real fast.


Cloud Computing

Last but not the least is integrating the apps with cloud computing to make data accessible across any and all Android devices.

Expertise with Experience!

Whether you wish to have a mobile presence with a simple Android app or you need an advanced AI and ML integrated app for Android tablet or smart TV, iSB with core Android technologies at heart, is all set to convert your concepts into certainty with its native Android app development service.

Let’s have a quick chat on how we can help you get enlisted on the list of applications on Play Store.

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