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Talk about the changes in automotive, one thing’s for sure and it’s the fact that the automotive industry has progressed way beyond fuel, lubricants, sophisticated engineered engines and metal bodies. Automotive industry of 21st century is more than just looks. It’s about comfort; it’s about ease of driving, it’s about safety and most importantly, it’s about a near-perfect incorporation of computing technologies, AI, ML, GPS and data-driven to be precise.

The tech world has gladly obliged to this digital transformation and has been continually catering to the extensive prerequisites of this thriving and digitally transforming industry has become a priority for every growing IT organization.

Joining in the bandwagon of this thriving sector is team iSB where we take this opportunity to shape the transformation of automotive industry by collaborating core development technologies and augmenting them with our expertise.


The IT requirements of the automotive industry have three main frames


It isn’t just the hardware of a vehicle that’s changing. In-car experience has become equally necessary. There’s a need to automate the core features in order to reduce human intervention by offering AI induced assistance to drivers wherever and whenever possible. Drivers are getting directions already from GPS installed in vehicles. But there is still multitude of features that need attention in this region.

Data-Driven Operations

Intel from customers is priceless for any sector and the same goes for automotive sector too. Gathering data on nitty-gritty of the finished product can come in extremely handy, especially when the next design is being envisioned to be better than its predecessor.

Catalogue Development and Management

Automotive industry’s diversification sometimes becomes a hiccup for consumers (and in turn for our clients) as it becomes difficult for them to keep track of their vehicles, services and other connected details. It is this very diversification that calls for a unified, converged online experience. With our catalogue development and management services, you can offer consumers with coherent operations and seamless browsing experience. Our experts gather the diversified data and develop solutions that unite everything at one single platform.


Customers, operations or employees – connectivity is one of the lifelines of an industry. With core IT becoming more and more cloud-based and network-oriented, automotive sectors are in dire need of solutions that can allow them to offer seamless connectivity both inside and outside the organization.

Owing to increasing demand of software-driven applications and new IT infrastructure, there is parallel process of both development and disruption of technologies as new ones are causing the disruption. Helping our clients to survive and thrive in this market by amalgamating the best of tech world is our ulterior motive. Keeping in mind the current trends and also the digital future, we at iSB offer clients with web solutions that help steer their automotive business in the right direction.

What we Deliver?

Pace of automotive industry is changing rapidly and to grow along with it, you’ll need a partner who can help you catch up to that pace. Team up with iSB’s exclusive services for automotive industry and watch your business gain value among your customers and thrive. Get in touch with our tech consultants to know more.

Pace of automotive industry is changing rapidly and to grow along with it. Team up with iSB’s exclusive service of automotice industry and watch your business gain value.

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