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Mobile Application Development

Once upon a time, smartphone was a luxury but not anymore. Today, it’s a necessity and says so the numbers. If we let numbers speak, then a survey report by bankmycell.com shows that in 2021 (by far), the smartphone users in the world is approximately 3.8 billion which constitutes around 48.20% of the world’s population. That’s big. What’s more! There’s no indication of slowing down.

With such a huge crowd at dispense, owning a mobile application is certainly going to put businesses into leverage, especially since customers are looking for useful, functional mobile apps with interactive and easy-to-understand interface.

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What do we offer?

Platforms of mobile devices are getting smarter and better with every passing year. Customers want apps that are at par with these platforms and that means applications that are faster, more dynamic, more secure, and reliable apart from being functionally enriched. Businesses which have a thirst to thrive are already aware of the values, clientele and revenues that can be generated from mobile apps.

iSagebrum’s mobile app development services offer its clients with scope to get scalable mobile applications that work across all major platforms and drive businesses by helping them to reach their clients whenever and wherever they want.


Native App Development

In the last decade, mobile tech world has seen the rise and fall of many mobile device platform, but iOS and Android still rules the market. Native app development empowers apps with capabilities of utilizing the core hardware functions of mobile devices like microphone, GPS and camera to the fullest. They can also take advantage of the device’s processing speed.

With our native app development done by using SDK tools of specific platforms, your business can offer a rich, interactive and impressionable user experience clubbed with a decent runtime performance.


Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are built by combining the best of both worlds. Technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript enable developers to mix the ease of using web apps with the mobility of smart devices. It also brings down the overall development cost and makes device data easily accessible.

iSagebrum’s hybrid app development service offers clients with experienced professionals who employ latest, cutting-edge app building technologies like React Native, Flutter and Xamarin to build upscale applications.


Cross-Platform App Development

You’re good to go for native app development when the target is one specific platform, but when you’re aiming for more than one, then cross-platform sounds better. With cross-platform app development, your users can get a well-aligned user experience across all mobile devices. Plus, it definitely reduces all that extra cost which you can incur when going for multi-platform app development.

With our cross-platform mobile application development service, you get cost-efficient mobile apps that furnish a unified user experience and come bundled with useful features like AI and ML.


Mobile Backend and API

A robust mobile backend makes for a stable and steady performance and an effective mobile API integration results in a better, more convenient and insightful mobile application. A strong backend support can help mobile apps perform better with cloud computing and cloud storage and also open up to APIs

By hiring our mobile backend and API integration services, you can scale your legacy applications to become better by entrenching it with features like social integration, content distribution and authentication services.

Why Choose iSageBrum?

The foremost reason is our balance of experience and expertise. We have expert developers who have substantial experience of mobile app development technologies and that go for all our development services. Be it native, cross-platform, hybrid or backend and API, iSagebrum offers the best from its team and ensure that our clients always stay advantageous while working with us.

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